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The new Administrative Law Judge Vacancy Announcement has been changed as of 03/05/2013 and has different application requirements from the former Vacancy Announcement from 2009.


You need an ALJ writing professional because this position is highly competitive and coveted and your ALJ Resume and Assessment Questions must be well-built. Some folks have been applying for years with no luck. You may think this example as an old cliché, but I have to prove this point. If I needed an exceptional criminal defense attorney and litigator, would I opt to save money and represent myself regarding something I know nothing about? Or, if I were disabled, would I purchase the book on how to receive Social Security Benefits for the rest of my life, and represent myself? Most likely not!

In addition to hiring us to help you complete your Administrative Law Judge application, you can also purchase our book, Roadmap to Becoming an Administrative Law Judge.


We are collecting data on the new ALJ hiring process and continue to update our strategies since the release of the new application in March 2013. Many of our clients have already been selected to the next automated and competitive interview process and some have already participated in the final interview and now are sitting ALJs.

Just like in any other application, it’s all about content. You need to prove your experience and meet and exceed the qualifications required in the ALJ Vacancy Announcement with the most competitive ALJ resume and application package possible. We understand that some people prefer to write this application themselves, with some considering the practice of using professional assistance unethical. However, if you partner with us in allowing us to help you put together your ALJ application, you are actually going to be writing a fair bit of the content yourself, because how else would we be able to retrieve the intricate details about your career, your expertise, and cases without your input?

Further, if writing is very important to you, just wait; you will have an opportunity to author a random case by determining an outcome within a specified time period. This part of the process is your Sample Writing during the competitive screening process.


As your editors, ghostwriters, career advisors, and mentors, our ALJ writers will ensure your ALJ resume complies with the ALJ vacancy specifications and that your examples are strong, competitive, and well-written. This is a comprehensive application to develop, but we’ll take all the guesswork out of this process and you can rest easy after submitting your ALJ application. We have both attorneys and senior writers on staff who are trained and very skilled in crafting these specific applications.