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Changes in SES Application Requirements:

Our SES writing  team has their fingers on the pulse of the application changes recently adopted  by numerous federal agencies. President Obama signed a memorandum in May  of 2010 requesting that all agencies modify their application process and  reduce this process time to less than 80 days from application to  interview. The following are a few new SES application package  requirements that we now develop.

New Signature five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume:

Five-page SES  Resume to include the five ECQs (Executive Core Qualifications) and TQs  (Technical Qualifications), MTQs, or DQs. The New Signature five-page All Inclusive - as  we have named this application - would appear to be much simpler to  develop. However, the fact is that a comprehensive federal resume and  normally 10 pages of ECQ documentation, and perhaps TQs if required must  be drilled down and information optimized to showcase the most important  facts of your leadership qualifications. Therefore, even though the resulting document is smaller, these requirements make it a more difficult  process.                 

Five-Page SES Resume and Separate ECQs:

Five-page SES  resume and up to ten pages of ECQ documentation. The 27 executive core  competencies  are required to be addressed throughout each  respective ECQ in addition to TQs if required. The ECQs are developed in the  CCAR (Challenge, Content, Action and Result) model.

Four-Page SES  Resume with Executive Competencies':

Four-page SES  resume with cover letter or omit cover letter and extend resume to five  pages. ECQs are replaced with federal agency's selection of five  executive competencies such as: Strategic Vision; Resilience; Leadership; Coalition Building; Human Capital Management  and/or can be replaced by others selected by the hiring agency.

USAjobs SES  Resume with On-line ECQ Posting:

USAjobs SES  resumes with ECQs entered online with character limit's of 4,000 to 8,000  characters. The ECQs are developed in the CCAR (Challenge, Content, Action and  Result) model.

First Read  the Federal Job Vacancy for Instructions.

It is imperative  that you read each SES application in its entirety prior to writing your  package. Different agencies sometimes change requirements from fax  and email to mail in only; SES resume page length, ECQ character count; font and  margins requirements. Any application submission that deviates from what is  requested on the specific vacancy announcement will most likely be  rejected.