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Federal SES resumes are like no other. The federal hiring agency and Quality Review Board (QRB) are seeking candidates who demonstrate executive leadership. Too often, we receive SES applicant resumes that are very general in nature without descriptive accomplishments and very little mention of leadership. Leaders possess a vision and create a culture; they demonstrate resilience and are expert mediators and negotiators; they can manage conflict, reduce budgets, save money, and lead change, among many other attributes. We can advise you in less than five minutes if your current SES resume has the power to knock out your competition.


The SES we develop for you will exemplify your mission, how you lead people, the challenges you overcome, and the results and accomplishments you produce. We keep saying the word “YOU” for a reason—many executives tend to share the fame with their team, and that is honorable; however, OPM wants to see you take full responsibility and accountability, and OWN THE RESULTS. Therefore, you need to take the credit.


The most popular SES resume format we develop contains five pages showcasing your leadership and results. In 2009, the Department of Defense (DoD) came out with a pilot program on the SES resume not to exceed five pages and to include the five Executive Core Competencies (ECQs) within the body of the resume. Well, this is no easy feat. We have developed a strategic 5-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume that has been very successful in meeting the criteria that the federal hiring authorities, as well as the QRB, expects. Our SES resumes land our clients SES interviews. See our testimonials


Sure it is! If you don’t write SES resumes and complete applications for more than 2,200 federal agencies on a regular basis, the process will definitely be confusing. Our Master Federal Career Advisors and Senior Master Federal Resume Writers take all the guesswork out of development. Since 1986, CareerPro Global has remained on the cutting edge of SES vacancy requirements and the idiosyncrasy that different federal agencies require. Many federal agencies hire our Senior Writing Team to help facilitate their select SES candidate to earn ECQ certification by OPM.


Recognized as the premier career management organization that develops professional, quality-oriented, executive-in-scope SES resumes that are in compliance and interview-winning, CPG boasts a record of landing 85% of our SES clients interviews. Our due diligence when initially speaking with you and learning how we can help makes all the difference in the world when you and one of our Career Advisors can get “down into the weeds” of the vacancy and determine whether you are a good fit and whether you can help us to help you qualify. Not everyone has the experience required to compete or earn an SES position, so let’s talk and determine if applying for an SES position is the right next step for you. Call us for a free consultation at 800-471-9201. Evening appointments are available.


SES resumes, ECQs, and TQs are priced according to level of composition, how technical or scientific in nature they are, and how each specific SES vacancy announcement requires the application to be developed. There are several possible scenarios, such as incorporating the ECQs within five pages of resume content, or developing 10 pages or up to 8,000 characters and two stories for each ECQ to include 27 core and fundamental competencies, or defining TQs or other qualification statements. A customized fee will be presented by our Career Advisors upon review of your existing career documentation and specific vacancy announcement if you have one. Not all SES applications are the same, and YOU are not the same as other SES applicants. We recommend you submit your current resume and/or career documentation along with the specific vacancy announcement of interest online by clicking on the free quick quote. The steps will expedite our process and you will be contacted via email and/or telephone with 24 hours of submission. Confidentiality and discretion are always taken into consideration when we contact you.