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    Focus on leadership and include managerial and technical abilities; all three are important, but leadership is more important.
  2. Follow the Challenge-Context-Action-Result model.
  3. Each Technical Qualification or Mandatory Technical Qualification or competency should contain specific, job-related experiences with specific accomplishments.
  4. Focus on what you have accomplished personally, but don’t exaggerate.
  5. Show that you have the qualifications needed to succeed in the Senior Executive Service.
  6. Address the fundamental competencies over the course of the complete TQ or MTQ narrative.
  7. Never combine any of the Technical Qualification or Mandatory Technical Qualifications or competencies.
  8. Never address a TQ or MTQ or competency by referring the reader to other parts of your application (e.g., resume).
  9. Avoid using an identical example for more than one TQ or MTQ or competency.
  10. Avoid a “laundry list” of activities without context, actions, or accomplishments.
  11. Focus on your vision for the organization not your personal vision.
  12. Focus on recent experience, education, and training. Some reviewers consider experience that’s over 10 years old to be stale.
  13. Highlight awards or other forms of recognition that relate specifically to a TQ or MTQ or competency, e.g., “Human Resources Manager of the Year.”
  14. Include non-Federal experiences (e.g., private sector, volunteer and professional organizations) if they support the TQ or MTQ or competency.
  15. Include relevant formal education or training that has enhanced your skills in a particular TQ or MTQ or competency.
  16. Don’t forget to include examples of special assignments and details.
  17. Include special qualifications if relevant to the position sought: public speaking, publications, languages spoken, membership in related professional organizations or scientific societies, or expertise in a technical area (e.g., budget, information technology).
  18. Show measurable results, especially in terms of improved customer service, increased efficiency, productivity, or money saved.
  19. Take ownership of your examples by using the work “I” in your statements.
  20. Check out the book “Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service” for guidance.

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