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A Federal SES Resume is all about leadership! Our Federal SES Resume Services and writers bring more than two decades of experience in creating the most powerful and interview-winning Federal SES Resumes. Our SES resume writing team is highly skilled and trained in developing “interview-winning” SES Resumes utilizing all “best practices” that have led to thousands of our clients earning SES interviews. Our past performance, reputation, and testimonials speak for themselves.

Federal SES Resume:

SES resume development can involve several different parameters, depending what the specifications state on the vacancy announcement. We develop 5-Page SES ECQ All-Inclusive, USAJOBS, and standard federal resumes for all federal agencies.

Senior Executive Service ECQs:

Our SES ECQs hit on all the competencies to ensure smooth sailing through the Qualification Review Board (QRB). Our Federal Career Advisors are standing by to provide you with a free consultation and quote.

Senior Executive Service TQs:

We’ll ask the right questions, you provide the answers, and our writers will develop strong SES TQs on your behalf. TQs can be used as screen-out factors, so don’t let yourself be screened out; contact us today for assistance on writing your TQs!

Federal SES Applications

With more than two decades of experience developing strong and interview-winning SES Applications, we are the smart choice to develop the same for you. A Federal SES Application is like no other and is very complex. Our senior SES writers work one-on-one with you to strategize and obtain the best marketing content based on your experience and Federal SES Application of choice.

Federal SES Resumes

The ingredients within an SES Resume are your executive accomplishments that support the qualifications of Leading People, Leading Change, Business Acumen, Building Coalitions, and Results Driven. Our expert SES Federal Resume Writers will address all of these competencies, as well as your Technical Qualifications and more.


Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are a staple requirement for all SES Applications. ECQs consist of five leadership qualifications: Leading People, Leading Change, Business Acumen, Results Driven, and Building Coalitions. Within each SES ECQ, there are 28 additional competencies that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) requires are addressed within your executive "story."


SES Technical Qualifications (TQs) can be found on your federal SES vacancy announcement. SES TQs can consist of questions that support your expertise in technical capabilities, financial acumen, project management, human resources, or any specialized experience that you can demonstrate through a powerful story using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) formula.

Federal SES 5 Page All-Inclusive Resume

We have been developing the Federal SES ECQ 5-Page All-Inclusive Resume since the launch of the newest SES resume requirement not to exceed five pages in 2009. Our SES ECQ writers will develop your federal SES resume to include the five ECQs within the body of your five-page resume. This is not an easy feat; however, we have successfully developed hundreds and hundreds of 5-Page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resumes. We even named it, and we’ve seen amazing results. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll even match your experience to an SES position and determine if you meet the application qualification criteria.