There is more than one type of federal resume, and not one federal resume fits all positions.

Get Started Now offers writing expertise for a wide variety of federal resumes, as well as for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) statements, responses to assessment questions on federal applications, and Military Transition Resumes (MTRs), and for all General Series and grades from WG, WS, GS, ALJ and SES.

Federal Applications

Federal applications are complex, and the secret to a successful application submission is to follow all the rules and requirements. We’ll show you how and do all the work for you!

KSAs & Assessments

Best practices have demonstrated that when KSAs are answered within the body of your federal resume, your chances of earning a Best Qualified rating is much higher.

Administrative Law Judge

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) positions are highly coveted, and as many as 5,000 or more job candidates submit their ALJ application for every ALJ announcement.

Military Transition Resumes

A transition from the military to a federal job is a natural career progression. That’s why our master writing team is highly skilled, is thoroughly trained, and holds years of experience in helping our military transition personnel apply for federal jobs.