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The new Administrative Law Judge Vacancy Announcement has been changed as of 03/05/2013, and has different application requirements from the old vacancy from 2009.

Which Federal Agencies Hire Administrative Law Judges

The federal government employs Administrative Law Judges (ALJs_ in a number of agencies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Cases may involve federal laws and regulations in such areas as admiralty, advertising, antitrust, banking, communications, energy, environmental protection, food and drugs, health and safety, housing, immigration, interstate commerce, international trade, labor management relations, securities and commodities markets, Social Security Disability and other benefits claims, and transportation.

If you have questions regarding preparation for an ALJ application and full content writing, please contact our Master Federal Career Advisors at 800-471-9201.

ALJ Application Writing

We write competitive ALJ applications; we even literally wrote the book on how to become an Administrative Law Judge! To apply for an ALJ position, you must possess litigation experience and administrative law experience. Our senior writing staff is highly skilled and trained in developing interview-winning ALJ applications. Writing ALJ applications is complex, but we can mentor and coach you through the ALJ writing process and provide advice for next steps to becoming an ALJ.

ALJ Vacancy Announcement

Applicants must have a full seven years of experience as a licensed attorney preparing for, participating in, and/or reviewing formal hearings or trials involving litigation and/or administrative law at the federal, state, or local level. There are other experience criteria and requirements in order to become qualified for an ALJ position. Click the “Read More” page to find the actual and last ALJ vacancy announcement posted on 3-5-2013.